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Antioxidant Supplements

Discover our range of antioxidant supplements. Featuring key ingredients like Collagen, Selenium and Cranberry Concentrate, our supplements support men and women of all ages through natural dietary supplementation.

At Royal Oak Health, we understand the impact our environment can have on our health. That’s why we supply a range of natural antioxidant supplements to help combat free radicals and support your overall well-being.

Whether you’re looking to reduce inflammation or to provide daily support against oxidative diseases, our antioxidant supplements are made with you in mind. Featuring only the highest-quality vitamins and minerals, every dose is designed to deliver maximum potency.


Natural supplements for oxidative stress


Found in bone, cartilage and tendons, collagen is a protein and antioxidant. Said to improve joint pain and skin health, collagen is widely known for its anti-ageing properties.


A powerful antioxidant, selenium can help prevent diseases caused by oxidative stress, like cancer and heart disease, whilst also reducing inflammation and boosting immunity. 

Cranberry Concentrate

Full of antioxidants and magnesium, cranberry supplements offer a host of benefits, including positively impacting your cholesterol levels, reducing oxidative stress, and supporting urinary tract health.



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